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Join our nationwide police reporting network to end police terror.
Add Raheem so your visitors can report police any time they’re on your website.
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Photo: Brooke Hummer
A little chatbot with a big mission to make police behavior visible and accountable
Adding Raheem is free, takes just minutes, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.
I’m in. Let’s do this
I’m in. Let’s do this
Help your visitors get justice
When someone reports police, the chatbot suggests resources—including yours—to help them hold police accountable. They can...
Share their story publicly
Get free legal help
Request a formal investigation
Connect with local advocacy groups
Contact elected officials
Learn how you can help them
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How this works

People report police

By reporting police, your visitors join thousands of people putting eyes and ears on every cop in the country.

We help them get justice

To hold officers accountable, Raheem will help them file a complaint, find a free lawyer, and publicize their story.

Together, we end police terror

Their report—along with thousands of others—helps us advance policies that shrink the role of police and invest in our communities.

What people are reporting

I’m a multiracial man who was physically attacked by police in Miami.

I was tackled by 2 officers that slammed me face first into the ground immediately after them running out of their cars and screaming at me to get on the ground, my glasses were broken and left on the street and I got a concussion. I was then physically thrown into a van and got cuts and bruising on my shins. I was a girl or woman as jokes by multiple officers despite being a man. I was processed and detained and my charges (breaking curfew by 10 minutes) were dropped. My property was never returned to me as every station I was told to call would not help me.

May 30, 2020

I’m a South Asian woman who was disrespected by police in Wheeling.

After the police were called to the house, I told the police that I was concerned that a minor in the house was experiencing physical tension in the household before the police arrived. Because one of the minor's parents was in the room, I avoided saying "abusive"; however, I felt that my words portrayed my concern for his well-being nevertheless. The police responded with "well, he can call us if he needs us." Unfortunately, the minor's phone was taken away so no, he would not be able to call the police, or anyone for help if he needed it.

May 10, 2019

I’m a multiracial man who was profiled by police in Albany.

I was walking on the sidewalk with 4 other friends, 2 of which were white. We were playing and talking with each other on our way to a bar. We were suddenly surrounded by cop cruisers on the sidewalk with lights flashing. Guns drawn, the cops scream at us to put our hands up and get on the ground. After they frisk us at gunpoint and check our IDs, they let us all go with an apology that we fit the description of muggers reported in the area.

January 31, 2010
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