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We keep us safe 

Raheem is working to make policing and the criminal legal system obsolete:

  • By connecting people in crisis with life-affirming organizations that prioritize true safety rather than force and control.

  • By increasing the capacity of organizations responding to people in crisis, allowing them to help more people and further reduce contact between the public and police. 

We do this across 3 initiatives:

PATCH (People and Technology for Community Health)

Currently in development, PATCH software helps organizations manage responders’ schedules, handle requests for help, allow responders to communicate with one another and coordinate resources for people in need. An upcoming PATCH component will connect the public to life-affirming help when and where they need it, without fear of police violence.

ACORN (Alternative Crisis & Outreach Response Network)

Raheem’s working group, ACORN, is a network of crisis response organizations, public health agencies, mobile crisis teams, mutual aid resources, and abolitionist organizations that work together to create safety outside of the system of policing.

Police reporting

Raheem's embeddable reporting service helps people report police and connect to resources for justice and healing. The data and insights from these reports inform all work we do, and help Raheem and its partners push for policy towards a world without police.

Contact Cosette, cosette@raheem.org if your organization wants to join ACORN or receive a demo of PATCH for more information.

    Raheem is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the US under EIN: 82-1805718