We are lifelong organizers and radical technologists reimagining safety. 

In 2017, we created the nation’s first independent, online police reporting service. We wanted to hold cops accountable and make every place safe for all Black people. 

Nearly 2,700 reports and multiple partnerships later, we realized that reform doesn’t make us safer: it sustains police terror. But, none of this work was in vain.

By organizing alongside people most impacted by policing, we learned that building a world in which we are all safe to live and love, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, or wealth, requires the total abolition of police.

And we learned that across the country, people are ready to reimagine safety. Some are already creating alternatives to police that communities want and need.

Now, our organization is evolving.

We’re harnessing the power of people and technology to make community-driven, non-violent crisis response a reality nationwide.

Our team is building an unprecedented network of abolitionist organizations, mobile crisis teams, and community organizations meeting the urgent needs of people without police intervention. And to support this incredible work, we’re developing an alternative to 911—a dispatching system that allows organizations to meet their neighbors in moments of crisis and provide real care, quickly and safely.

Right now, it is practically impossible to prevent ourselves or those we love from coming into contact with cops. But a radically different future is possible– one where everyone is safe, without the violent intervention of police.

And as we create new tools, and nurture new relationships, we’re learning a whole lot about ourselves— and what it will take to co-create this future of community crisis response.

And to continue this work, we need your support.

If you are interested in funding this work, or learning more about the journey ahead, please contact Brandon at

And if you're interested in joining our network, or learning about non-violent crisis response in your community, please contact Cosette at  

We’re ready to build with you.

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